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Create your profile

How much does it cost to create my profile ?

It is completely free. By creating your profile, you will improve your chances to be found by potential employer

How much does it cost to send my CV ?

To send your CV to 15 companies, it is totally free. The cost to send it to: 100 companies = $6; 250 companies = $10.

Why should I create a profile ?

By creating a profile, you improve your chances to be found by a company who is looking for someone with your skills. The more information you include in your profile, the better the chances are that you will appear first in their search result.

Can I make my profile invisible to some companies?

Yes, you can blacklist some companies that you do not want to see your profile (for example, your current employer). This is unique because no other resume site allows job seekers to hide their profile to some companies.

Which email address do you use to send out my CV?

The amazing thing here is that we will use your own email address. When companies reply, their messages will be sent directly to you.

How many replies will I receive?

It is difficult to predict how many replies will you receive. This is because some companies you send your resume are not currently looking for people. However, you will be listed in their database for possible future recruitments. Yet, you may also get lucky and receive many at the same time.

Can I add my availability for a part-time job?

Yes, absolutely. We provide you the option to tell employers when you will be available. Your availability will also be a part of the search results companies receive.

What is Geolocation?

Geolocation uses postal codes to help you to find a job near where you live, and it helps companies find people near their location.

Why should my company use your services?

Your company should use our services because they are completely free. Our mission is to help match companies with job seekers. We have many services that simplify your recruiting efforts, such as Geolocation, interactive chat, video CVs, high-perfomance search, etc.

How do I create my company's profile?

Go to I'm a Company page and provide your company information.

Why are your services free?

Our mission is to help people find a jobs. That's why we are the only free web portal for companies. We want to have as many companies as possible to be listed so job seekers have a better chance of being matched with a good job.

Can there be multiple registered users from the same company?

Absolutely. When you are registered you can add as many other users from your company that you want.

Do you have tool to manage incoming CVs?

Yes, we do. Within our system you will be able to organize CVs by position, rate CVs, add notes, etc.

What is Geolocation?

Geolocation uses postal codes to help you to find a candidate near your company, and it helps applicants find companies near them.

Can I search for employees who only desire part-time work?

Yes. You can search on this criterion as well as other availability information provided by the applicant.

Can I save and keep the CVs?

Yes You can save as many CV as you want just by clicking SAVE at the bottom of the person’s profile.