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The origin of spinCV

As expats, we had the opportunity to live in Canada, The Netherlands, France, China and Australia. When you don’t have contacts or friends that can help you, it is a real challenge to find a new job. We fully understand the frustration to apply blindfolded to companies that we don’t really know where they are and what they are actually offering. If you’re in the software industry, you have more chance to have feedback from the job boards as the companies are constantly offering new positions but if you are in a different industry, applying for a new job is really time consuming and stressful.

We search the web and we didn’t find any online services that allow candidates to send their cv to several companies in different industries in a particular city or region, in order to reach the market of available jobs and those that are not yet posted.

spinCV is born out of a need to help people find a job quickly without going through the usual three channels:

  • Referrals
  • Headhunters
  • Job posting sites

We also decided to innovate by offering our services, free of charge, to all companies that wish to register. This way, any company that cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars to post their job offering will benefit. For example the retail, catering or the service industry will directly benefit from this new approach as traditionally job posting in these sectors are really primitive and still use a piece of paper in their front window. We also wanted to give candidates a better chance of being spotted by thousands of registered companies looking for new candidates.

Steve Racine
CEO of spinCV